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The Mosaic in the entrance area to the Building




An outstandingly beautiful section of mosaic flooring, brought from the ancient Synagogue of Hamat Gader which was located near a Roman bath complex, is displayed in the main entrance of the building. The mosaic, which is estimated to date from the beginning of the 5th century, was reconstructed by the Antiquities Authority. In the center of the mosaic, which is decorated with two lions and two cypress trees, three rare inscriptions in Aramaic stating the names of the donors to the building of the Synagogue. The section of mosaic was discovered in 1932 by Professor Sukenik of the Hebrew University (Yigael Yadin's Father). It was placed in the main for several reasons:

1. The three inscriptions hint at the source of construction of the Supreme Court building also being by way of donations.

2. One of the donors to the building of the Synagogue is called "Arda". According to researchers this refers to  a person who is an architect and the Supreme Court building is known for its extraordinary architectural design.

3. The mosaic depicts lions which are the symbol of the City of Jerusalem.